What to Really Look For in Similar Serums

Green Tea Leaf Extract

We love to sip on green tea to hydrate and deliver nutrients to our bodies, but when applied topically within mineral makeup, green tea extract has some incredible benefits for the skin too.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf, or green tea extract, actually contains 20 times the antioxidant effect of vitamin E, meaning it can delay the skin’s ageing process. It’s also high in ethylxanthines, which the National Cancer Institute believe have the ability to help prevent skin cancer by fighting the damage caused by UV rays. Green tea is also a natural anti-inflammatory, making green tea-rich mineral makeup perfect for irritated, sensitive and inflamed skin.

Innisfree’s popular green tea extract serum is a staple in our skincare regime

When shopping for serums, be sure to ask about their formulas:

Most brands (even luxury ones) use tap water or mineral water in their formulas, whereas kbeauty brands like Torreya use green tea extracts.

Look out for skincare actives that will elevate your skincare regime and deliver results.

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