What Tik Tok Really Thinks of Rihanna’s Latest Perfume

On the whole, the tik tok community collectively gave the singer’s new fenty fragrance a “meh”.

The average score was 7/10

Tik Tok’s main critiques were that it “did not smell like what I imagined Rihanna to smell like”

Fans were expecting an exciting, dangerous and exotic scent- the very brand image that the star has been building on for all these years.

But instead what they got was a modest, toned down warm scent that was faint and easily layered.

Some highlight worthy quotes on the perfume were:

“It was a very safe release for Rihanna because it is a great fragrance that you can wear every single day. It’s not a fragrance that’s going to turn heads, though. I give it a seven out of ten.”

“It’s not a very overpowering scent, it’s very soft and you can layer it with other fragrances.” 

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