What Makes K-Beauty Special?

Beyond the “Made in Korea” label

Distilled down, it is these three philosophies that truly define k-beauty and separates it from other beauty beliefs:

1.Korean beauty products and regimens are designed to work long-term.

Intricate 12 step skincare routines are not only fluff, but rather a true and defined science.

The reason these routines are so important and regimented is because they are designed to show real results.

In short, k-beauty leans more on science and less on cosmetic marketing.

2.Korean beauty ingredients are innovative and inspired by nature.

You may see products that promote “glacial water from Iceland” or “Birch tree essence”.

This is a common practice in the k-beauty industry.

Ecology and biomimicry are fundamental fields that k-beauty draws from.

3.K-beauty sheet masks and rubber masks.

Sheet masks have been around for a while, but k-beauty takes it to the next level.

With fermented probiotics, AHA, BHA and root essences, k-beauty has normalised and fully revealed the benefits of regular facial treatments.

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