What Exactly Is BB Cream and Do I Need It?

BB cream stands for “Beauty Balm” or “Blemish Base”.

It is a product invented in Germany by dermatologists in the 1960’s and further developed in South Korea in the 1980’s to become what it is today.

Simply put, BB cream is a moisturiser-sunscreen-foundation-primer all in one.

PRIVIA has taken it one step further and incorporated skincare (collagen) into its formula.

A multitasking, multipurpose tinted mousse/cream that does it all.

If you are asking yourself why it isn’t more popular: well, it is.

It is hugely popular, but also companies have an incentive to sell sunscreen/foundation/moisturiser/primer separately in order to make a few more bucks.

We love PRIVIA’s Collagen BB Cream.

Try it out for yourself at www.alluramall.com

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