Valentino A/W21 Haute Couture Gorgeous Shapes

Called “Unapologetic” and “achingly beautiful”, Valentino’s Haute Couture show turned heads and soothed hearts in Venice.

Colour was the tool of choice for the artist and his message was crystal clear.

Thinking of art makes you think of colour – which Piccioli adores, is a modern master at using, and here indulged to delirium. Like a painter squeezing pigment fresh from the tube, dresses emerged in rich purple, a vibrating yellow, a hulking lump of chartreuse, one after the other.

Pierpaolo Piccioli is a dangerous man, a true artist in every sense, capable of bringing his visions and dreams to life.

Untethered to norms, conformity or culture, Piccioli is razor focused on one thing and one thing only: beauty.

He’s free creatively, free ideologically – his couture is all-embracing, reflecting ideas of championing inclusivity and diversity, but more fundamentally these clothes seem hell-bent on, simply, making people happy. Whether you’re wearing them, or watching them.

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