Use SOMEBEAU Soft Matte Lipstick for a Blush Base

Craving a 3D sculpted look? Look no further than SOMEBEAU’s silky fit soft matte lipstick set.

Each lipstick is formulated to result in a powdery soft finish.

The lipsticks are easily layered and have a high pigment pay off.

Replace bronzer with a few light swipes of the most complementary SOMEBEAU lip colour for your skin tone.

SOMEBEAU’s lip kits are carefully curated to have a peachy base and natural finish.

Apply using clean fingers or directly from the tube. Use a fluffy round brush to buff into skin and hair line.

Blend, blend, blend.

SOMEBEAU lipsticks come in a mini travel size to prevent wastage. How cute is that?

Experiment and play with different shapes, sizes and colours.

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