Torreya’s Gel-like Facial Mask Feels like a Second Skin

According to Singapore Women’s Magazine Girlstyle,

Torreya’s sheet masks are made with algae fibre derived from seaweed and kelp, which makes them eco-friendly because they’re biodegradable. There are five types of plant-based masks to choose from, each addressing a specific skin concern: Coconut Moisturising Mask for dry skin; Bird’s Nest Anti-aging Mask for ageing skin; Lotus Anti-Oxidant Mask for damaged skin; Sea Buckthorn Whitening Mask for dull skin and Aloe Soothing Mask for irritated skin. 

Contemporary packaging made with recycled cardboard and printed in soy ink

One of the most beneficial properties of bio cellulose is its hydrophilicity — the affinity to attract water (each fiber can retain up to 100 times its dry weight in water). This makes our mask fabrics pliable and able to adhere to your skin very tightly, like an occlusive dressing. When you touch a bio cellulose mask fabric it is extremely moist, and when you apply one it will quickly deliver a refreshing, cool sensation to your skin. It feels great and really enables you to relax.

Another notable difference between our bio cellulose fabric and other mask fabrics is this: it adheres so well that it gives you complete freedom to move about and do just about anything.

And when a mask adheres better, it performs better — transferring skin care ingredients efficiently so that results are visible after just one application.

No more mess, stress -and certainly no more settling for less!

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