Torreya Tree: Benefits and History

Tree of the Year: Torreya nucifera

Just as the Europeans have worshipped the common yew (Taxus baccata) in
ancient religions and valued its wood, the Japanese and South Koreans have
sanctified the Japanese nutmeg (Torreya nucifera) and prized its wood and
fruits. It is easy to see why these trees are venerated there when one has the
opportunity to stand before a mature Torreya nucifera or even old groves.

Their handsome lustrous needles, spreading branches, and pyramidal profiles
bespeak a divine presence. The large number of specimen trees and groves
in Japan and South Korea, as well as those in arboreta, botanic gardens, and
public gardens make it fitting that Torreya nucifera was the “2019 Tree of the Year.”

Torreya grandis is high in fatty acids, which help in brain, skin, and heart health. Torreya grandis nuts help relieve cough and promote lung health.

These nuts are also rich in Vitamins A and E.

Kbeauty skincare experts at Torreya beauty have bottled the benefits of this revered tree to deliver a range of potent, mini facial serums.

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