Top Mascara Tips For Better Lashes

Hack #1: Use a Business Card

Your business card is good for more than just networking. If mascara smudges on your eyelids drive you nuts, place a business card behind your lashes while you apply your mascara. This will keep your eyelids smudge-free and your eyeshadow intact.

Hack #2: Use it as Eyeliner

In desperate times, using mascara to line your top lid works wonders!

Hack #3: Coat Both Sides of Your Lashes

If you think mascara can only be used underneath lashes, think again. For mega high impact lashes (think thick and uber dark), cover them on both sides. After applying mascara underneath your lashes, go back in with the brush and slowly move it over the top of your lashes from roots to tips.

Hack #4: Apply Translucent Powder Between Coats

This tip will help build volume and lengthen lashes sky high.

Hack #5: Hold the Wand Vertically to Hit Tiny Bottom Lashes

Sometimes those small little hairs can be really hard to cover, especially without major smudges. Do a 180 and hold the wand upright, gently pressing into lower lashes, coating every single strand.

Hack #6: Let Smudges Dry Before Wiping Away with a Q-tip

Try this clean-up trick to removing smudges: let them dry first. Then grab a Q-tip and wipe across your eyelid, picking up every smidge of makeup that isn’t meant to be there.

Hack #7: Use a Lip Brush on Your Bottom Lashes

Some of us have microscopic fine baby bottom lashes. The best applicator for that would be a lip brush or any small brush. The hairs of the brush will catch the hairs that a bristle brush would miss!

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