Top 3 Essential Notes of Perfume


“Bergamot is indispensable in perfumery, as it is almost always the main element of all fresh and rich fragrances. Apart from Earl Grey tea, it is the only citrus that doesn’t go into foodstuff and is exclusive to perfumery. It has folklore; it talks to you about southern Italy, the Jewish diaspora, and about Persia – it is the concrete of a building, the pillar of perfumery.”


“Patchouli is essential in perfumery, especially in Asia as it’s one of the scents that defines the Indian culture. It is rebellious and reminiscent of the Swinging Sixties. Though there are fragrances with a little of it inside, it is one of the definitive perfume modifiers — a lot is usually used at once, or none at all. In Velvet Black Patchouli specifically, I used three different kinds of patchouli extract; one rich and raw, fractionated patchouli, and the heart of patchouli. The perfume is a ticking bomb, it pulsates on the nose. It not only has a smell, but a sensation that gets into the emotional parts of the brain.”


“Vanilla comes from Mexico so I’m very proud of it. Even if it’s just a trace, 99 per cent of perfumes contain glimpses of vanilla. It now has to be hand pollinated. It is an expensive and rare commodity that is difficult to produce. Like patchouli, it is better accompanied by other ingredients and makes other things smell better. Vanilla has enormous history and nobility in perfumery; it is the pedestal and everything else is built on top of it.”

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