Tik Tok: Foundation Saving Hack

With current prices, foundation is like liquid gold. So it is crucial to make every drop count.

This make up artist picked up a handy tip from her colleague in Los Angeles to stretch your product far:

Pro Tip: Dab foundation on a cap first, and then use brush to buff it in.

This tip saves soo much product.

The popular practice nowadays is to squeeze foundation onto the back of your hand (to warm the product up) and then apply it from there with a quality brush.

This yields beautiful results, but the issue is that the dense bristles usually absorb too much of the precious foundation, so you end up with a lot more wastage and lead to more frequent cleaning. No bueno.

With the cap-stamp method, like the silicon sponge, all the foundation will be applied onto the face.

Any non-porous surface will do – when in doubt, using a clean finger to apply your foundation is also a great option.

Hope you enjoyed this tip.

Happy painting!

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