Tik Tok: Fighting Acne with Saltwater

The Tik Tok community are swearing by this saltwater hack to calm breakouts and reduce angry acne without a visit to the doctor.

Salt is a natural anti-septic and the logic is that it will balance out the skin’s pH to 5.5 and kill off any bad bacteria on the skin.

Since sodium chloride is fragrance-free, readily available, and inexpensive, feel free to use this stuff all over your body!

Salt is not only a great exfoliator, but our skin actually loves a bit of saltiness.

But not too much! (Think, anything saltier than your own sweat is bad news and will cause further irritation)

Not a bad hack, but just make sure the saline solution is just right. If you can clearly taste or feel the salt- it is probably too strong for your skin.

Another thing to be careful with is the coarseness of the salt.

Dilute it in warm water completely, or use finely ground salt. Table salt is often too coarse to use on its own.

Follow up with a moisturizer in case of microtears.. and there you go! Safe DIY beauty hack.

Thanks Tik Tok

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