This Abs-Dance Video Went Viral on Tik Tok.. But Does it Actually Work?

You’ve seen it around… an enthusiastic fitness instructor moves her stomach and hips around in a movement that can really only be described as vertical..air..crunches…humping.

It is equal parts entertaining and embarassing.

But the seriousness of the work out and the visible sweat on the shirts lend great promise and sends a positive message of fun, fitness and health.

However.. does it actually work?

The general answer is “ye….no.” Let’s explain.

The workout does help with overall weight loss as it burns calories, but it is more akin to cardio rather than specifically an ab workout.

But this isn’t such a bad thing as it is almost impossible to just lose weight in one targeted spot of the body. Rather, our bodies tend to shed fat and gain muscle overall (think face, arms, waist, butt..)

So while this workout will unlikely result in abs, it will- with regular practice and a healthy diet- lead to a more fun and slim physique.

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