Starving Pretty

Eating disorders are on the rise

Most of us crave and work to be more- more pretty, more elegant, more graceful.

On the whole, what drives us to diet and exercise is the general belief that shapely, slim girls are treated with more respect, are considered more beautiful, and are perceived as more feminine.

But what happens when that belief goes too far-

And the desire to be beautiful and maintain control becomes a full blown addiction?

In reality, there is a very fine line between a diet and an eating disorder.

So fine, in fact, that there is little difference in medical definition between the two.

However, the signs to look out for are:


If you find yourself constantly hopping on fad diets with explicit intention to maintain an already low weight, then you might be in denial of an eating disorder.

2.Negative side effects

Most of those who suffer from an E.D. abuse laxatives and other substances that often erode the lining of the stomach or throat. A diet is not supposed to cause long term damage.

3. Objectivity

Holding oneself to a high standard (i.e. aiming to follow a model’s routine when you are not a model) is usually admirable, but can also be unnecessary and downright dangerous. A healthy diet does call for a change in lifestyle- but one must exercise wisdom to be able to tell the difference between a healthy change and an problematic change.

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