SOMEBEAU: The Perfect Lipstick To Take With You On a Picnic

After what seems like ages spent indoors in a lockdown, a picnic is the perfect outdoor romantic activity for you and your date.

Imagine lush vegetation, a nice linen cloth, fresh fruits and intimate conversations, a total dream that is… until your lipstick gives up on you.

We all love a good picnic, but not so much smudged lipstick.

Fret not, SOMEBEAU’s mini lipstick kit with non-drying matte finish non-smudge was formulated just for you.

The perfect reds come in travel sized for convenience and quality assurance.

Large bullets of lipstick usually dry out and expire before ever getting to the bottom of the tube (argh!), whereas SOMEBEAU’s designs keep this in mind.

The lipsticks are also lightweight and super subtle so you can keep them in your dress pocket easily.

SOMEBEAU perfect reds come in sets of 3 or 5, and are selected to fit Asian skin tones- finally the PERFECT brick red ombre lip.

A good lipstick should make you feel empowered- like you are able to take on the whole world!

Formulated in Korea, these mini babies are loaded with moisturizing beauty ingredients and high quality wax, to sit on your lips perfectly.

They glide on smoothly and are not chalky or patchy.

Relax in total control and style with SOMEBEAU mini lipstick lip kit.

With so many shades to choose from, you will simply be spoilt for choice and never bored. Find that perfect red to match your skintone with SOMEBEAU.

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