Singapore at the Tokyo Olympics 2020

The Singapore Olympic Team 2020 rocked a formal no-nonsense, business-only get up at the Opening Ceremony in Tokyo earlier this week.

Fans call the look dignified, proper, in good taste.

While critics call the look boring, bereft of any real culture, and too money-ed.

Worse still, a whole lot of people simply ignore the look as it is neither historically beautiful or futuristic trendy. Meh.

Let’s take a look at the lady who designed the outfits,

Esther Tay:

She first designed the Team Singapore formal attire in 2001 and was approached by the Singapore National Olympic Council last year to update the design to make it “look more trendy”.

The blazer, pants and cotton Oxford shirt now have a slimmer cut and better fabric- the pants are made of a polyester-rayon fabric with spandex for better mobility.

The red blazer also has an embroidered Singapore crest. Better still, there is a new “secret” inner pocket crafted for medals, with tongue-in-cheek instructions to “kiss” and “bite” the medal.

“Previously, the athletes were not too keen on donning the classic and regular cuts of the blazer and pants, but now they are much happier with the redesign.”

And just for this year’s Olympics, men’s ties and women’s scarves with symbols of the various Olympic sports have been updated with a more muted colour palette of dark blue and red.

Athletes also have their names embroidered on their tie or scarf with the phrase.

Athletic attire such as tracksuits, parkas, polo T-shirts and shorts are designed by Singapore Yonex distributor Sunrise & Company.

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Its in-house design team is headed by design and product development chief Ashley Wong.

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