Semi-permanent Tattoo Lasts for A Year

A New York based tattoo parlour has claimed to have developed a tattoo ink that will fade after a year.

Ephemeral’s revolutionary ink took more than six years and 50 formulations to create. Shah and Pierre tapped their Ph.D.s in chemical engineering for the lengthy development process. The exact ingredients are top secret, but Sakhai reveals the black ink is composed of “medical-grade bioabsorbable and biocompatible polymers ” with “high-quality pigments.” Over time, the ink breaks down and the particles become small enough to be eliminated by the body, leaving your skin tattooless once again. 

The tattoo parlour inserts the fade-able ink with a regular tattoo gun and needle.

The temporary tattoo will itch and heal like a normal tattoo and is expected to scab over and requires some after care.

While this technology sounds incredible, it is still new and highly experimental.

Tattoo parlours in Indonesia have warned against unscrupulous tattoo parlours who falsely advertise their temporary inks, which usually end up staying in skin for much longer and needing laser removal to fully erase.

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