Rice Water for Hair Growth

Does it work? We look to science

There are hundreds of videos on Tik Tok on how to brew rice hair tonic

Ancient Chinese tradition? Or new age gimmick?

The instructions are to put it on after shampoo and conditioner, like a final hair rinse mask.

And hundreds of people swear by it.

Rice water claims to boost hair growth and increase glossiness

According to medical experts, rice water is also thought to contain amino acids which deposit on the hair shaft and give a strengthening and volumising and thickening effect to the hair in addition to reducing surface tension making it easier to detangle, smoother, less frizzy and generally more manageable.

But does it help hair grow faster?

Sadly, there are no scientific studies to prove this.

Rice is a complex carbohydrate consisting of 80% starch

If rice water was the answer to significantly faster hair growth, someone would have bottled it up and made millions by now.

However, rice water is a good substitute for sensitive scalps and does have its benefits in a superficial sense.

So it’s still worth trying.

It’s high starch content will give your hair nice shape and shine, but sadly will not give you a fresh head of thick long hair overnight.

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