Review on Viral Beauty Products

Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream

“The percentage of water in this ingredient list is pretty high. That’s why it becomes ice,”

-Cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson, Allure

It promises to reduce puffiness, provide a cooling sensation and a refreshing experience.

Think of those cooling cucumbers at the spa – except more like frozen cucumber puree with skin loving essence.

In addition to the water, it’s also packed with ingredients like AHA for extra hydration and niaciamide¬†to reduce redness and calm any inflammation.

Those who have tried this viral slushie cream have loved the ice cold sensation.

But it is not for the lazy, as this step requires a trip to the kitchen and back again.

Verdict: Great for sleepovers and extra special spa self care days, but not for an everyday routine. Who’s got time for that?

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