PRIVIA Real Strawberry Extract Infused CC Cushion

Korean skincare brand PRIVIA creates magical skincare infused make up that will feed your skin and not clog your pores.

Filled with the goodness of strawberries, PRIVIA U’s Real Strawberry Cushion is a total game changer.

( P/S , It smells like strawberries too!)

Why strawberries?

The acidic nature of the strawberry removes excess oil on the skin, a common source of acne and breakouts.

Strawberries also contain salicylic acid. This ingredient is found in pretty much every acne fighting product on the market.

Salicylic acid helps to unclog pores leading to cleaner, and ultimately clearer, skin.

Meaning to say, PRIVIA’s Real Strawberry Cushion will help control oil and prevent future break outs.

Okay, cushion compacts offer plenty of perks – they cut down on makeup application time and they’re easy to touch up with.

Good techniques also play a big part in achieving that “dewy coverage” .

PRIVIA’s Real Strawberry Cushion delivers full coverage with a weightless feel and comes with a sponge applicator.

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