Our Top 3 Favourite Beauty Apps

Beauty Plus

The app’s features allow you to have flawless, glowing skin, remove eye bags and apply your own makeup. There is an option to create the perfect smile by brightening your teeth and widening your grin. You also have the option to make yourself taller (this requires some skills, if not done properly your photo can come out looking distorted) and experiment with different hair colours.

Pretty neat features. Especially for those who really want to see what they look like with a daring hair colour.

Facetune 2

 If you like to play around with the app you can remove unwanted pimple spots, brighten your eyes, tame your eyebrows or go for a party look with glitter brushes and makeup.

Think of this app like photoshop at your fingertips. The potential downside to facetune2 users is that it is easy to overdo it (fingers on phone) so tune away at your own risk.

The best part is the before and after function after each step, so you can make sure you’re not overdoing it and end up looking like a completely different person.

Perfect 365

 We like this app because it is user-friendly and allows you to do your own virtual makeup. 

No need for expensive, messy make up and lighting- this app allows you to express your creativity and make up prowess without the real life commitment and hustle of it all.

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