Oat: Skincare Goodness

More than a delicious healthy breakfast

As the old adage goes – you are what you eat. In terms of staying fit and healthy, the ingredients in your food are an important consideration to make for everyone. And it’s no different when it comes to taking care of your skin. Being aware of what goes into the skincare products you use can make all the difference in achieving a healthy complexion and happy skin.

When choosing these skincare products, look out for the presence of beneficial ingredients like natural prebiotics. After all, your skin is your natural barrier against bacteria, UV rays and other hazardous external forces, so it makes sense to use gentle, natural treatments to keep in balance.

Oat ingredients have long been celebrated as one of the most effective at treating a number of minor skin conditions, balancing the bacterial ecosystem on your skin and moisturising to give you that healthy complexion. For centuries, those who suffered from itchy or dry skin were recommended to take an oatmeal bath. The reputation that treatment garnered has survived – in many ways – to this day and has been clinically proven in a variety of studies.

Try ASIS-TOBE Oat Bean Nourishing Cream for supple healthy skin.

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