My Dry Skin Loves This Serum

In the world of drugstore skincare, not all serums are created equal.

More often than not, active formulas are far too strong and cause irritation to most and positively destroy those with sensitive skin.

But fret not, South Korean skincare specialists 57N have come up with their calming serum (this stuff is sooo good!) imbued with vitamin B5 and English Willow Bark essence.

The product itself comes in a heavy, sturdy green tinted glass container with drop applicator.

It goes on lightweight and non-sticky.. kind of like your skin, but better.? It blankets over troubled areas like redness and pesky pimples.

It has a refreshing herbal sensation to it and it calms angry skin like no other.

Super underrated drugstore serum.

We highly recommend this for those with sensitive, troubled skin.

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