Mask Lip: How to Avoid this Painful Skin Condition

While it is important to manage maskne, we cannot neglect our lips.

Since the pandemic, there has been an increase of dermatologist visits with the specific skin concern of chapped, sore and bloody lips with some even reporting to have suddenly developed allergy-like symptoms to sweat.

Here is what we can do to minimize our risk of developing scabby, irritated lips:

Choose a soft fabric mask
Even after getting vaccinated, it is a good habit to continue wearing masks until all of us are safe. So the masks are here to stay. However, ditch the abrasive disposable medical masks for a soft and reusable mask instead. Your skin will thank you.

Wash your mask with gentle soap
While it is tempting to soak our masks in dettol, it is such an overkill and concentrated disinfectants are corrosive to our skin (especially to our lips, which is more sensitive and more thin than other parts of our body). Simple soap and water will do.

Stay Hydrated
Pandemic or not, there is no getting around our biological duty of drinking our 8 glasses a day.

Bring a Spare Mask
If you sweat easily, invest in spare masks and switch them out regularly during the day to allow your skin to breathe. Skin that is exposed to sweat for too long will become sensitive and irritable.

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