MAC Cosmetics Launches KL Inspired Lipstick

Every make up enthusiast has a Ruby Woo or Russian Red bullet tucked away in their collection somewhere.

I know I do. So when M.A.C. Cosmetics announced that they had a wanderlust collection of lipsticks, my heart fluttered.

The packaging in simple and retro. The motifs are a little on the nose, but the graphics look hand-drawn and lends character to the lipstick bullet.

The bold “KUL” print with tropical print is an obvious nod to the airline and travel days.

The coral-orange shade is universally flattering and gorgeous.

MAC Cosmetics’ Malaysian brand general manager, Anna Chang explains the concept behind the intricate and unique design—”we turned the exciting gastronomic adventure that is synonymous with our capital city Kuala Lumpur, featuring the iconic nasi lemak and kueh lapis, two dishes that are much-loved. As for the shade, of course, it has to be Powder Kiss’ Devoted to Chili—a tribute to our spicy and unforgettable delicacies.

For those who love the shade and identify with the story, but find MAC lipsticks too drying or too out of budget, you can try SOMEBEAU lipsticks.

If MAC isn’t for you, then you can try:


SOMEBEAU’s formulas are less drying, just as long lasting, with a beautiful soft matte finish.

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