How to: Apply False Lashes

Achieve the fluffy doll-eyed look with this one trick

Who better to take falsies advice from than from a drag queen

The standard M.O. for false lashes is to apply the glue on the sides of the seams and adjust them onto your lids, just slightly above your real lashes.

However, this technique is only suitable if you have light weight falsies and hella strong lash glue.

For those of us who like layering lashes (glam) the usual stick-and-go technique is woefully underwhelming.

Kimchi with Trixie Mattel

The inside trick is: To place the glue on TOP of the seam of the falsies.

From there, stick them onto your lids as usual. Using this technique, you should be able to get more lift and hold from your lashes.

That’s it.

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