Historical Lourve Musuem Meets Fast Fashion Giant

Yes, we are talking about Lourve X Uniqlo

Have you ever wondered to yourself ” what happens when an ultra serious historically powerful institution steeped in tradition meets break-neck speed fast pop fun for the IG obsessed masses? “

Well here is your answer:

One of the greatest masterpieces of the Western world reduced to a MS paint line drawing with pink supreme-y bar across her chest. Unintelligible placard info on the sleeve.

It’s like the regrettable time universities and NASA lent their names to likes of Forever 21 and H&M, to be reduced to a fashion statement.

While it’s not news at all for institutions to mass produce merch, this particular collaboration is abrasive to good sense because of the nature of the fine arts.

Yale/Kale but make it art?

Once again, marketing execs are trying to play the role of art patron and created the “win-win” collaboration collection that literally nobody wants or needs.

Thanks for putting out a wholly uncreative collection in the time of a global pandemic and climate change

Make it stop

Leonardo Da Vinci himself would be rolling over in his grave.

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