Glacial Water in Skincare: Benefits

A quick google search of “Glacial Water benefits” will reveal:

Iceland Glacial Water with ph levels of 8.88 can help your body maintain healthy pH level by reducing acidity in your body and restoring its natural balance.

It is not secret that alkaline water is the good for the body to consume as a drink, but did you know it is also beneficial for skincare?

Icelandic Glacial comes from a natural spring source that is powerfully filtered through volcanic rock that produces a water of exceptional purity with a crisp, clean finish.

For those with sensitive skin who are prone to outbreaks, ‘maskne’ or eczema- glacial water and PHA formulations are a lifesaver.

With it’s naturally high alkaline levels and oxygen content, 57N glacier and PHA clean toner is an essential step in achieving clear skin.

Its ultra gentle formulation and fruit derived acid will get you all the exfoliation you need, without any of the harsh redness.

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