Fox Eye trend: How To

1) Conceal your under-eye area

Go in with a high-coverage concealer and foundation to prevent the appearance of dark shadows under your eyes. 

2) Start with your liner, but extend your wing

Use liquid or pencil gel liner as usual, but then over-extend at the corners with eyeshadow and a tapered brush. Follow the angle of your lower waterline.

3) Use earth-toned eyeshadows

Black or browns give the most sharp dramatic lifting effect. But there are no rules in beauty- use any colour you want really. Just maybe not pastels…

4) Invest in fluffy lashes

Apply falsies at the corners of your eyes at an angle to get the “facelift” look

5) Clean up with concealer (again)

Applying concealer to clean up your lines will make the look so much more neat and will really make it pop


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