Dry Skin? Try This Moisturizing Prep Before Foundation

Korean skincare brand 57N has a birch water and beta-glucan cream that promises to deliver hydration and repair the skin’s natural barrier after just a few uses.

We take a look into the skincare science and real reviews to see how it performs.

One test-tube study found that replacing water with birch sap in a skin care product significantly increased the production of skin cells called keratinocytes, suggesting that the sap may help keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated 

Birch water offers numerous nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals.

Historically, sailors would even drink it to ward off scurvy.

Not surprisingly, birch water has become a popular ingredient in lotions and other cosmetics due to its hydrating and antioxidant properties.

In skin care, beta glucans work twofold to soothe and calm irritated skin and as an effective anti-ager to firm and plump fine lines and wrinkles.

Similar to their immune enhancing capabilities, beta glucans use these macrophages to speed up wound healing.

Combined, these two powerful beauty skincare ingredients help to deeply hydrate dry skin and create a smooth, healthy canvas for make up application.

So, if you have dry skin or are looking to smoothen out texture – look no further than 57N birch water and beta-glucan barrier cream.

Make up will go on smoother, and your complexion will be healthier and firmer!

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