Does Sunblock Expire?

In short, yes. Of course it does. But what happens if you use expired Sunblock?

Chemical sunscreens that contain ingredients such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, and homosalate can oxidize and become less effective

A good rule of thumb that your sunscreen has expired is if it:

  • Has a chunky texture (like runny cottage cheese..)
  • Smells off
  • Is discoloured

If your sunscreen has met any of the conditions above, please do throw it out. Mixing it into another lotion will absolutely be bad news and will likely lead to an acne broth.

However, if your sunscreen has just sat around for a suspiciously long time but still looks and smells like sunscreen, then it should be okay to use on your arms and legs.

Avoid putting dodgy sunscreen on your face or hands as these areas are often more sensitive than other parts of our body.

Essentially, the older the sunscreen is, the less protection it will provide.

Luckily, most sunscreens are formulated for comfortable everyday use. Remember not to be lazy with skincare, as prevention is always better than (laser) cure!

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