Ditch Fake Lashes and Use This Instead

According to Selena Gomez’s make up artist, the choice between falsies or a good mascara is not a “both!” situation, but rather an “either/or” situation.

“There’s no point in using a volumising or lengthening mascara if [you’re] just going to cover it with lashes anyway. Sometimes the look needs it, like if a musician performs onstage. But for normal day-to-day life, I think a heavy strip lash can cheapen the look. That’s my own opinion.”

Volumising mascara will add length and shape without compromising on texture and lightness. Great for a sexy, sultry look without the clunkiness and appearance of trying too hard.

You can try to recreate this look with PRIVIA’s Gorgeous Lash Volumising mascara now available on www.alluramall.com

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