Daytime Moisturiser Tips

Generally, daytime moisturisers are lighter, contain SPF and contains antioxidants.

Reach for a fast-absorbing lightweight hydrating formula (liquids> gels> lotions> creams)as rich creams will lead to clogged pores, build-up, and a greasy feeling.

Tip: Do not settle for anything less than SPF 30 broad spectrum

Be sure to use a moderate amount and not slather on a layer of cream, as that would result in a death trap of dust, pollutants, and sweat.

Also, save the fancy retinols, retinoids and vitamin C for the evening when there is less chance of UV ray degradation.

It is also a good idea to invest in different moisturisers for different climates and different areas of the face (For example, eyelids tend to be oily, while the under-eye area tends to be more dry)

Be aware of the packaging as well- jars then to be more prone to bacterial growth and oxidation as compared to an airtight tube.

And remember to always put moisturiser on with clean fingers!

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