Carbon Negative Beauty Packaging

First we saw soy-ink print, now we welcome cork jars

Packaging is a major part of the marketing of any beauty product.

We are addicted to great design and packaging.

But what is the future of branding design when the weight of climate change and environmental waste turn the usual glossy plastic from chic to unbearable?

Cork, seems to be a popular answer.

Cork is essentially the outer bark of the tree, and does not harm the plant if harvested properly- it is a friendly, renewable material..

Big beauty brands like LUSH are starting to use all cork and cork-blend packaging for their shampoo bars and facial creams.

The cork cell is about 90 percent air, making it light and insulating to the point of being virtually nonporous, which is why cork seals wine in bottles — and why it’s capable of packaging serums without sucking up precious product or letting it leak.

By now you’re probably wondering: Why aren’t all of my lipsticks packaged in cork? Well, fungi can grow on cork and might make a product go bad.

So we aren’t quite there yet, but we are making progress.

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