Birch Water: Purifying and Hydrating

Birch juice is sap from birch trees and is known to be the next coconut oil because of its richness in proteins and antioxidants

Birch water is also known to be extremely hydrating, making it a great option for dry weather.

The birch tree is prized for its tenacity and ability to thrive despite harsh unforgiving winters.

It has been used in ancient Russia as a tonic and beauty ingredient for centuries. All parts of the Birch tree is considered useful.

In beauty applications, birch essence is known to reduce redness, puffiness and calm irritated skin therefore preventing break outs.

The birch tree is packed with nutrients and has highly developed purification processes, and is super-efficient at circulating sap.

Birch trees also have an uncanny ability to purify water and air from pollutants. It is the hope of beauty companies to translate this incredible property of Birch into an effective, purifying skin serum.

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