Best Mascara for Fine Lashes

Here are our favourite formulas specifically designed for the Asian market.

Tubing mascara, or “film mascara” coats the entire lash and allows for more volume and lift – perfect for those looking for a doll-like look

1.Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister

The unique wand shape catches lower lashes as well

This wand design will curl even the shortest baby lashes, and will separate and define each lash.

Formulated under Shiseido, it is sure to please.

2. Heroine Make

Wildly popular and still a cult favourite

The new formula makes for long lasting curls that are waterproof and smudge-free. On top of that, the formula is easy to remove and will not damage fine hairs.


Film mascara designed for extension effect

CANMAKE is a popular drug store Japanese brand that is beloved for their mascara and gel blush.

This formula will give you gorgeous long lashes that can last all day and easily come off with just warm water.

4. Privia Glamorous Rice Long & Volume Mascara

Sweat-proof silky formula

Specially formulated for tropical climates, Privia’s mascara will give you volume and length without any of the worries of smudging.

The bristle brush will also allow you to sculpt the edge of your lashes for that uplifted cat eye look.

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