Beauty Ingredient: Bamboo Extract

PRIVIA’s 3 step Miracle Pores and Sebum Bird’s Nest Mask is rich in collagen and bamboo extract.

It is suitable for those who wish to reduce pore size, control oil production and maintain a balanced pH to prevent breakouts.

Bamboo Silica Beauty Benefits:

Increases collagen production
Collagen production sadly reduces as we age, but silica (found in bamboo) can restore and slow down the inevitable process. A facial mask treatment once a week is a healthy practice that will pay off tenfold in the long run.

Glowing skin.
Increased collagen makes your skin glow. Silica is an essential mineral that helps strengthen blood vessels. The by-product of this is enhanced circulation and blood flow to the skin and scalp.

Enhanced skin elasticity.
Not only does silica have an essential role in the formation of collagen, but it’s also responsible for activity hydroxylation enzymes needed for collagen synthesis which improves you skin’s strength and elasticity. Healthy collagen production can make your skin tighter and firmer.

Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.
Your skin’s protective barrier protects it from bacteria and environmental pollutants. Because bamboo silica strengthens your skin’s protective barrier.

Bamboo Silica Helps Fight Acne.
Acne is often caused by damage to your skin’s protective moisture barrier bamboo silica can help strengthen the skin’s barrier making it less susceptible to breakouts and inflammation. Bamboo leaves also have anti-inflammatory properties which help keep the skin calm. By protecting skin cells against irritation and inflammation, silica can help manage breakouts caused by toxins and excess sebum.

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