ASISTOBE Rose Infusion Cream

This Korean beauty cream is everything.

We love a good affordable quality skincare product. ASISTOBE is a Korean brand that does not get enough credit. Their products perform as well as luxury brands, and their skincare ingredients are loaded with pharmaceutical grade niacinamide and AHA.

Their rose infusion cream is particularly worth it with:

Rose essence moisture enriched cream that satins up the skin with hydration, smoothing, and brightening effect that derives from various skin nutrient filled ingredients.

Rose Flower Water + Highly Concentrated Rose Oil – super energy booster that vitalizes and smooths the skin

Ecocert Argan Oil + Ceramide – high moisture and nutrient replenisher that strengthens skin barrier and protects from external influences

Oriental Tea Complex + Lecithin – long lasting hydration and smoothing activator by balancing out oil and moisture on skin

Niacinamide – unbalanced and dull skin improve

We highly recommend this cream for those who take skincare seriously and like a light rose scent.

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