ASISTOBE AHA Purifying Toner

AHAs are primarily used to exfoliate your skin. There are several kinds, but all of them are acids and have some kind of brightening/exfoliating effect.

As you age, your natural skin cell cycle slows down, which can make dead skin cells build up. When you have too many dead skin cells, they can accumulate and make your complexion look dull.

Dead skin cell accumulation can also enhance other underlying skin issues, such as:

  • wrinkles
  • age spots
  • acne

Toners are a great addition to your skincare routine in order to amplify the effects of serum.

AHAs work for surface lines and wrinkles only, not deeper wrinkles.

At its price point, the ASISTOBE AHA Purifying Toner is a great exfoliating toner that will help brighten and smoothen your face.

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