ASIS-TOBE Baby Nappy Rash Gel (Award Winning Safe Skincare)

Nappy rash is a common condition that typically forms when the sensitive skin around your baby’s nappy area becomes irritated, for example if it remains in contact with urine or poo for too long. Nappy rash can make your baby’s skin red, hot or sore in patches, and sometimes it can cause spots or blisters.

Mothers, your precious one deserves a cool, comfortable bottom.

Do not let diaper rash and itchiness eat away at your sleep of you and your little one!

ASIS-TOBE’s soothing gel is a non-sticky, natural, watery texture gel that can safely be applied from face to toe.

It’s key ingredients are cypress water and botanical extracts.

It absorbs in seconds and will leave your baby happy and healthy!

Make up artists also swear by this gel for skin prep- soothes and hydrates skin for a flawless base!

Directions of Use: Apply a coin sized amount on the affected area and let absorb into skin.

ASIS-TOBE is an award winning Korean skincare brand that is available in stores in Singapore at Allura beauty counters as well as on

Love the skin you are in – choose ASIS-TOBE for simple, effective, minimalist skincare.

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