Aesthetic: Light Academia

More on the aesthetic that is has recently blown up on tik tok

Light academia is essentially the emotional opposite of dark academia. Where dark academia focuses heavily on solace, ancient languages and candlelight , light academia looks to relevance, social gatherings and sunlight.

Let’s start with what light academia looks like:

It’s about appreciating the small things in life- like spending time with your bookish wholesome friends outdoors or naming every plant you have in your room.

Fan art of light academia wallpaper

In a nutshell, it is an aesthetic centered around higher education with a focus on optimism, gratefulness and resourcefulness in nature.

It is dry pressed flower arrangements. It is practiced calligraphy on good paper.

It is soft jazz on a sunny day and tidy bookshelves displaying handicrafts and photography.

It is light earl grey in a single thrifted delicate tea cup with silver spoon served lavender orange tea cakes.


So why the sudden surge in popularity?

Many suspect it is due to the restrictions the global pandemic has placed on university students, who use the fantasy/fantastical nature of the light academia aesthetic as an escape from reality.

However, we think books, friends and sunshine have been appealing since time immemorial and this could simply be that gen Z has now used social media to reveal an interest that was already existed long before tik tok was created.

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