A Case for Red Lipstick

I find that putting on lipstick makes such a world of difference.

Rocking a bold red lip is a psychological triumph. When you put on a perfectly red RED lip, you have officially dared to join the legions of actresses before us who have worn the look and walked through fire.

Starlets such as Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Tesse, and Angelina Jolie come to mind.

Femme fatales, free-spirits, sensual seductress, good wife, mistress, nanny, model, teacher, daughter, lover.

A bullet of red lipstick pierces through our hearts with all that it represents.

Perhaps most interestingly, the simple beauty product has even been used—and scorned—as a feminist tactic for “terrorizing” men. Adolf Hitler was one of the men who famously hated red lipstick, and in Allied countries, wearing it became a sign of patriotism and a statement against fascism. For whatever reason, the undeniably feminine color bestowed women with a mysterious aura of power that came off as frightening, morally dubious, and highly intimidating to some people.

Red lipstick is powerful in the way no other makeup item or piece of clothing can be.

It’s unavoidable and potent; it’s also simultaneously unquestionably, unabashedly feminine.

That makes it unlike pretty much every other cosmetic or garment: it embodies strength and womanliness in equal measures.

Luckily for us today, we can buy these historically significant shades of red in a set for less than $40.

Paint your lips and join the cause.

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