57N: Your Skin’s Best Protection

Struggle with dry skin? Popped that pimple and want to avoid scaring?

Korean skincare brand 57N’s Birch Water and beta-glucan barrier cream was formulated just for you.

It is rich in beta-glucan, a healing ingredient that helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier.

What are beta-glucans?

Beta glucans are sugar compounds found in bacteria, yeast, fungi, algae and plants such as oats and barley. They are a source of soluble fiber, and research suggests they may reduce high cholesterol and improve skin conditions such as eczema, bedsores, wounds and radiation therapy burns.

When your skin barrier isn’t functioning properly, you may be more prone to developing the following skin symptoms and conditions:

  • dry, scaly skin
  • itchiness
  • rough or discolored patches
  • acne
  • sensitive or inflamed areas
  • bacterial, viral, or fungal skin infections

Heal acne wounds faster with skin-barrier repair and rescue cream.

Every day, your skin confronts a barrage of threats, many of which come from outside your body and a few that come from within.

Some of the external and internal conditions that can affect your skin barrier include:

  • an environment that’s either too humid or too dry
  • allergens, irritants, and pollutants
  • too much sun exposure
  • alkaline detergents and soaps
  • exposure to harsh chemicals
  • over-exfoliation or over-washing
  • steroids
  • psychological distressTrusted Source
  • genetic factors that may make you more prone to certain skin conditions like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis

The texture of the cream is light, melt-in-your-face, and refreshing.

Perfect for those who do not like oily heavy creams, or suffer from sensitive skin. 57N cream is a heavy duty moisturizer, but will not clog pores or feel like a blanket of oil on your face.

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Why repair your skin’s barrier topically?

Your skin’s barrier is not only important to keep the good stuff in, but also to keep the bad stuff out.

With 57N’s Beta-glucan skin barrier cream enriched with birch water essence, you can rest assured that you are getting treatment for your skin’s external protection as well as feeding your skin’s internal circulation.

When we have wounds that our body cannot heal quickly enough, we make ourselves prone to infections, redness and more outbreaks. This is when high quality skincare creams come in handy.

Luckily, 57N is priced at drugstore prices with all the impact of a high end skincare product.

Your skin barrier is your body’s frontline defense against everything the world throws at you. Keeping it healthy is much more than a cosmetic concern.

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