57N: Clean Beauty

With Earth Day approaching, we are again reminded of our habits and its impact on the global climate.

The message is loud and clear: We should take care of our world and stop polluting it unnecessarily.

Sadly, our beauty habits are a major cause of accelerating our once lush forests towards boring barren wastelands.

The main culprits are palm oil-based cosmetics and heavy metals in pigment powders.

Unsurprisingly, skincare brands are ditching harsh fragrances and offering only essentials.

While this is still a commercial practice, it is still significantly healthier for our skin, mind and planet.

We can and should practice and use more modest beauty habits and skincare products.

Korean brands like 57N and ASSISTOBE are offering products that focus on the essentials, while not compromising on the fun and inherent nature of beauty and cosmetics.

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