5 Ways to Pull off K-Beauty

Love how effortless your favourite Korean actresses look? Here’s how you can emulate their style.

Whether you’re a fan or K-pop or new to Korean entertainment, there’s no denying the cultural impact they have made worldwide, from their music to food, style, makeup and more. While there are a number of trends out there, K-beauty is essentially all about that innocent, fresh-faced look and we’re all for it. If you’ve been missing out, read on for the ultimate guide to pulling off K-beauty,

Get the glow

On top on an extensive 8-step skincare routine for glass-like skin, the first step of getting the K-beauty look right is to have a glowing and dewy base. And this is usually done by using either a BB cream, cushion compact or a foundation with a dewy or luminous finish. The trick is to stay away from a matte base.  


Eyes on me

The most common eyeshadow colours are between pinks and oranges with a little shimmer to add a little pop to the eyes. But not too much, though. K-beauty is all about subtlety.

Not sure how to apply makeup on monolid eyes? Well, you can wing it as much as you want! A bold cat-eye to creates more dimension and gives you that extra oomph. And think only girls wear makeup? Male K-idols normally would smudge a dark-coloured liner close to the corner of their eyes for a more intense effect.


Bold brows

Your K-look isn’t complete without their famous straight brows! This gives a softer, more youthful look to the wearer. Pick a light brown shade and voila – you’re done!



Rather than the Western way of applying blush, the Koreans commonly put blusher on the apples of the cheek for the ultimate innocent look. The colour ranges from pinks to oranges, and is applied intense enough that it is clearly visible.


Pucker up!

What’s used on their lips is none other than a good tint! We all know that a tint will absorb right into the lips, giving a natural look. Apply with an ombre effect, where a darker shade is used in the inner part of the lips for sensual and juicy results.


Featured image: Instagram/ @sunnydahye

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