3 Most Common Migraine Triggers

  1. Hormonal Triggers

Sad to say that as we get older, our bodies are more prone to migraines. Anything from dust, bright lights, loud sounds, foul odours and AC are likely to offset and overwhelm our senses.

The key is to overcoming this is to maintain a stable and clean environment.

2. Food Triggers

Interestingly, what we eat has a massive impact on our mood. Besides nutritional and processing value, our perceptions of our meal also matters.

For example, if we feel like we have overpaid for a non-tasty meal… migraine.

Or that chasing that chicken mcdeluxe with a coke and choc dip cone? Definite migraine.

Also worth noting that overly detailed menus that offer to many choices and waiting too long to eat (hangry folks out there) are huge triggers of painful migraines.

The key is here to eat slowly and keep stress levels down!

3. Emotional Triggers

Do not watch your ex’s IG story. Try to avoid Raya commercials. Definitely avoid pharmaceutical ads.

All of these are designed to add nothing but stress in your life.

The feeling of fullness and pressure behind your eyes (like you are holding back tears) can linger and develop into a full blown migraine.

The key is here is to live your best life. Stop checking their profile. They literally do not care about you babe.

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