ASIS-TOBE Cleanser Great for Children and Adults with Sensitive Skin

The normal pH of the skin is between 4.5 and 6.5. When you cleanse your skin, there is an interaction that occurs between the cleanser, the skin’s moisture barrier and the skin’s pH.

Soaps contain harsh surfactants that can alter the skin barrier and increase skin pH—increasing the potential for dryness and irritation.

Soap-free gel, cream and foam cleansers are formulated to be as effective, but gentler, causing less disruption to the skin barrier and minimal change to skin pH.

Skin cleansers remove dirt, sebum, oil and dead skin cells—ideally without damaging or irritating the skin. Remember, it’s important to cleanse your skin every night, but also in the morning too, to remove any toxins your skin eliminates during the night.

ASIS-TOBE is an award winning skincare brand. Established in 2016 in South Korea, their products are now available in pharmacies worldwide.

Their super gentle All in One Cleanser is safe for baby and kids, as well as for adults with extremely sensitive skin.

Remove all the impurities of the day without worrying about drying your skin out.

 Enriched with Chrysanthemum Indicum Flower Extract and Juniper oil, this cleanser cleans and hydrates skin naturally.

Chrysanthemum infusion has long been used topically for this reason, as it can clear up skin irritation, redness, and chronic conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.

It also helps to generally reduce the signs of aging, as well as wrinkles and blemishes, thanks to the antioxidant content of the flowers.

What is not to love?

Pick up a bottle today and see for yourself!

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