Fermented Rice Skin Series: PRIVIA

Left to ferment, rice water becomes a veritable anti-aging elixir.

It’s rich in minerals, antioxidants, B and E vitamins, and traces of pitera. These minerals and antioxidants help to purify and smooth the skin, working to minimize fine lines and decrease the appearance of pores.

Pitera is a natural byproduct of the fermentation process that’s one of the main benefits touted by many luxury skincare treatment lines today.

Naturally fermented rice water contains a similar form of pitera that offers many of the same benefits. It helps to boost cell regeneration, keeping the skin bright and supple.

Sourced correctly, rice waters and bran oils also contain linoleic acids, which are fatty acids that offer anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties which help to keep skin soft and supple.

Rice bran can also be refined and used as a gentle exfoliator.

Not only does this sweep away dead skin cells, but the rich vitamins and minerals in the rice bran help to leave the skin brighter, softer, and more supple than many other exfoliating ingredients.

PRIVIA’s Rice Series captures all the benefits of rice in a convenient jar.

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