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“Miracle Yeast Cleansing Foam. The rich foam produced when lathering removes sebum accumulation and gives you a healthy and brighter complexion! My skin also feels less oily after using it and definitely fairer! I used it together with the beauty sponge and I’m loving it! It’s like pampering my skin! 😍”

Instagram @Sabsoh

“Privia New York Glamorous rich long & volume mascara. This Mascara makes my lashes long and voluminous. Plus this doesn’t smudge. Highly recommended. 👍 It gave me a false lashes effect. 😉”

Instagram @makeuphoarderofficial

“✨Privia Miracle Yeast Cleansing Foam✨
The rich bubbles generated also removes sebum and leaves skin looking bright and clearer. Skin feels brighter, clean & refreshed after just one use!”

Instagram @thblackroses

5 Ways to Pull off K-Beauty

While there are a number of trends out there, K-beauty is essentially all about that innocent, fresh-faced look and we’re all for it. If you’ve been missing out, read on for the ultimate guide to pulling off K-beauty..


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